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    Previous Screening venues:

    Ojai film festival


    November 2018


    Royal Starr Film Festival


    October 2018


    Great Lakes International Film Fest


    September 2018

    Foreign Correspondents Club - Bangkok, Thailand

    November 2017

    October 2017

    Vancouver Int'l Film Festival

    October 2017

    Yakima, WA: Yakima Theatres

    August 2017

    Chicago, IL: Wilmette Theater

    June 2017

    Seattle, Washington: Landmark Seven Gables Theater

    June 2017

    Berkeley, CA: Landmark Shattuck Cinemas

    May 2017

    San Francisco: Landmark Clay Theater

    May 2017

    Los Angeles: Laemmle Theaters

    May 2017

    Washington DC: Landmark E Street Cinema

    May 2017

    New York City: Landmark Sunshine Cinema

    May 2017

    Ithaca, NY: Cinemapolis

    April 2017

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