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Sneak Preview Screenings & Skype Q&A with Robert at OWSpace and 706 Youth Space in Beijing, China, Dec. 11 (OW) and Dec. 17 (706)

Robert has arranged for a pair of special Sneak Preview screenings at two venues in Beijing:

Dec. 11th at 19:00 local time: OWSpace

Dec. 17th at 19:00 local time: 706 Youth Space

The Skype talkback sessions will take place shortly after each screening.

OWSpace (Chinese language site) is a cafe, salon, and bookshop in Beijing. Their mission is to promote literary appreciation, intellectual discourse, and the life of the mind in an era of high-speed information and stimuli. This is a hasty paraphrase (especially one gleaned from a Google Translated source page), but one that fits with their aim of promoting vibrant discussion on weighty topics.

706 Youth Space (Chinese Language site) is also a community space. They have a similarly discourse-focused mission, and like OWSpace, holds many events and salons to promote community and discussion.

Both spaces reflect a perspective that seeks to engage and learn about things beyond borders and culture, so it's appropriate and exciting that we'll be showing the film at these venues.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact us.