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Interview in the Cornell Chronicle

"Lieberman filmed “Angkor Awakens” over four years, spending up to six weeks at a time in Cambodia.

“I went everywhere in the country – north to south, east to west,” he said. “Parts of this film are violent and bloody. I was filming on the street one day when the Cambodian riot police and Prime Minister Hun Sen’s private guards started to attack the crowd, first with batons, and later shooting began.”

The 90-minute film is culled from 200 hours of footage and more than 150 interviews, and uses shadow puppets to depict some of the country’s history, from ancient times to today.

“We start with the ancient empire in Angkor, then the largest city in the world,” Lieberman said. “We go through the French declaring the country a protectorate, and the Vietnam War, and into the future. We try to show where the country is headed.”